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Saturday, 21 September 2013

#SassyMauraSaturday -" Fangirls by Maura from http://fantageringpops.blogspot.com/ "

Hi there! Glad to meet you. As you probably noticed, there is a #WonderAmyWednesday (I believe) and a #FluffyEleFriday. All the owners get a day, where they can post ANYTHING they delight. #FluffyEleFriday is just random posts, I guess. I don't know about #WonderAmyWednesday. WELLLLLL. You're probably wondering about ME. I am #SassyMauraSaturday, which I will of course, post on Saturdays. I have decided, that #SassyMauraSaturday will be more like a book, and I will post a chapter every Saturday. 
ARE YOU GUYS READY TO READ?!?!  The book is titled "Fangirls by Maura from http://fantageringpops.blogspot.com/ "

Fangirls by Maura from http://fantageringpops.blogspot.com/ 
Chapter 1. Finding a New Fandom 

"Hmm..." Alice murmured, while surfing through the internet. She was a Smiler (a huge fan of Miley Cyrus.) Miley always inspired her.

"OMG, Miley Cyrus has a new song! It just came out! AAH! I must watch the music video, I bet the song is amazing!" Alice shouted with delight. She was typing and clicking with her mouse so fast, her nail's color came off a bit. She was so mad, but she also wanted to listen to Miley Cyrus' new song, so she didn't complain.

She clicked the thumbnail of Miley Cyrus' offical music video of "We Can't Stop"
She experienced, the terror of watching the most inappropriate music video, EVER! She quickly exited it out and gasped for breath. Alice was, totally and completely TERRIFIED.

"I cannot believe it!" She screamed. She quickly dialed her best friend, who was also a Smiler, Ashley.
Ashley quickly answered, like always.

"AAAAAAAH! ASHLEY, I'm freaking out. FREAKING OUT, I SAY!" I shouted to her.

"Woah, calm down. Where is the fire?" Ashley said, jokingly.

"THIS IS NOT FUNNY, ASHLEY. Go on YouTube and search Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop. NOW!" I shouted out commands to her.

"Fine," Ashley muttered under her breath. She was a fast typer, faster than Alice. She was already watching it.

"..." There was a long silence.

"HOLY AHSJKDFREMD,S. THIS MUST BE A MISTAKE! This isn't Miley Cyrus, I know it! AND WHAT THE- WHAT HAPPEND TO HER HAIR?!?" Ashley was a big time Smiler, and she knew this couldn't be happening. She pinched herself, and said ow, Alice heard over the phone.

"I can't believe it either, Ashley. I can't." Alice said.

"I'm so disappointed in Miley. She was mine- no, ours, and many other's inspiration." Ashley said, sadly.

"I hereby state, I am not a Smiler anymore..." Alice's voice trailed off.

"Me neither. The song is really good, but the video- ugh." Ashley said.

"Yeah, I agree."

They both knew, then and there, there could not be any other singer as great as Miley was.

"Well, we need a new fandom!" Ashley said, cheerfully. She loved finding new fandoms to join.


"Karminology? Swifties? Selenator? Arianator?..." Ashley's voice trailed off.

Alice doesn't think anything could replace Miley.

WELLLL, that was quite boring.
I'm sorry D:<
I had to post SOMETHINGG
this was so boring i mean omg
but it'll get better! i have perfect plans for this story!
for now, byebye! wait next saturday!

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  1. Course you don't know cause the first day I tried to do it I was busy with school work :)


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