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Tuesday, 30 June 2015


There comes a time in our lives when we need something to end, something to disappear from our lives so we won't look back. Sadly, our brain doesn't function that way, neither does our heart. Today is an example of this time. You think when you delete something off the internet its gone forever, but however you can't forget it, no matter how hard you try. Fantage Ring Pops was a like a second home, not just to me but many others. It's something I can't seem to forget, because it was apart of me, it was my past. I'm here today, to basically talk about my memories, to look back at the past and just let my feelings out, to close it up, and then start a new journey. For some people, this was just another website, but for me, it was 2 -3 years of my life, it was dedication. I spent hours on this blog, changing the layout, making friends, being bossy, and just having fun. I was an immature tween who thought I could find happiness online, I was desperate. I soon found amazing friends, whom with some I can still communicate today with, and I feel like our friendship has grown. However, I do miss the others whom I use to laugh all day with.

I remember the first time I made this blog... The only reason I made it was because I wanted to be just as creative as Heena who created Fantage Smarties. Rida, Michy and I sent off to put this blog into action after Fantage Smarties had been attacked.. On April 25th, this blog had not been called Fantage Ring Pops, but Fantage Lucky Charms. After 2 days of thinking, I started hating the name, and decided to change it. After that, the blog had reached high points, after Lizzy had closed Fantage Bumble Bees and disappeared into the darkness. Then it started from there, a whole new journey, new people, new owners and new friends. Several times, I felt the need to quit the blog because it was a very large commitment, and I wanted to stop this addiction. But as I'm writing this today, I know that I just needed closure. On December 11th 2014, after the blog had been completely dead, everyone had run off busy with their lives, I decided to create a reunion and officially end it. After lots of frustration, and screaming it did end, but it was still always at the back of my mind. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who spent days here, having fun, making jokes, and spending time. It means a lot knowing all around the world people appreciated this blog, something I created. It's kind of like my baby.. I also wanted to apologize, for always yelling, being bossy, deleting the blog, and being a butt head. I felt overwhelmed a lot with this blog, and for some reason deleting it, and breaking ties with everyone was the only way.

Thank you for taking the time to read my closure, I already feel better. And I feel as if I can move into a new aspect of my life since I have apologized, thanked, and most importantly revisited the memories. I will never be able to forget these memories, or any of the friends I made here.

Thank you Rida, Michy, Nerd, Heena, Tinker, Ele, Maura, Mandy, Kiki, Dina, Big Bang, Amy, Merna, Piper,Ninja, Kaitlyn, and Shadow for everything. (Sorry if I forgot you)

Thank you everyone who also visited this blog, and advertised for us.

This blog will remain open so our memories can die here forever.

- Shipy

P.S: If you have a closure story, leave it in the comments below. I might post it.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


It's been forever since I was on, or since anyone was on as a matter of fact. I now look back at this, all that comes flooding back is all the good times we had on this blog. I also think about how much better we could have designed this blog now omg XD Anyway, I'd be on more but uhh.. Well Idk why Im not on here when Im on the cpu 24/7

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I don't know why but I miss it all...but most of all I miss you.

Monday, 5 May 2014

omg its been so long!

hey guys! Its kaitlyn.. I haven't been on in 2 months and im really sorry :( lots of stuff has been going on and that's why.. Oh, happy early Bday to Nerd <3 Ilysm girl!

Well ill try to be on more!! Missed you guys so much :)


Thursday, 24 April 2014


Hey Ring Popians! Its me, Nerd! Two very special birthdays are coming up... Fantage Ring Pops birthday and my birthday. Fantage Ring Pops second birthday is coming up. This blog is very important to me and it would mean a lot if everyone could come online April 27th to celebrate. The next birthday coming up is mine :). In case you didn't know (which you should), my birthday is May 11. I expect lots of birthday wishes!


p.s. this post has many grammatical errors but idc

Sunday, 13 April 2014

God.. Banned Again?!?!

Hai guys.. Amy here and um.. Yeah I got banned from the computer... again -.- I don't know how this keeps happening g. Its the last thing I need, too. Last you are wondering? Well, let's just say reality hit me a little too hard... Anyway I shall try to get on mobile. But I doubt anyone will see me on.. So.. ughhiee D: Bye for a while guys.... Love ya ^_^

Amy Out...
I get on some site called Quotev so.. I will be on that. Good luck :P

Monday, 10 March 2014

Ello there

Hey everyone :) Its Kaitlyn and I'm just posting about some creep that's been on RPS.. Idk if you guys have seen him but I have been getting complaints about him. He is apparently harassing people in pc and asking them personal information. His name is Jack, and I just wanted to let you know to be safe, and don't give any info away to be safe :) Tysm <3


Thursday, 6 February 2014


Hi! So since people aren't posting much on, Amy did on Jan. 30 but I wanted to post! Speaking of Amy... Tomorrow is her birthday! If I don't see her on, this will be a HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! :3 Also if I am not on on Valentines day then also HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, to all the ringpopians!!!:D. So yeah... See ya! ~★Mandy★