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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wonderful Amy Wednesday!

Haii Ringpopians! There is a Wonderful Amy Wednesday if you didn't read Maura's post. I should have started last week but school work got in the way, so HERE IT IS! ^.^ On Wonderful Amy Wednesday, since it's HUMP DAY, I'll just post hump day cartoons or change it up if I have an idea >.< Okay so here is a picture for ya,

               If you can't read what I am saying, then I am saying "Go Ahead and say what today is"
Each week I'll add a new picture continuing on this ^.^  You might enjoy it near the end. And if you are wondering, I know the gun is small I didn't have time to edit it long enough so it wasn't.

Also I want to share with you my favorite song, but I don't think you guys might like it because a lot of people ( You know who you are person) says it's stupid so here it is

              Baii, and have a WONDERFUL AMY WEDNESDAY xD

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