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How to earn free ecoins, gold and membership!! (updated!)

Hello! As many individuals have asked, here is an UPDATED version of how to earn free ecoins, gold and membership! So if you have ever w...



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How to earn free fantage membership, gold, and ecoins!

Are you looking to get a Fantage Membership e coins, or gold, but your parents said no? Don't worry! Here at Fantage Ring Pops we can help!

This is 100% a trusted website, I have been using it for over 5 years. I have used it on Fantage accounts in the past, this just requires time. It is NOT a scam, or a virus, It is 100% safe.

A website I have been using to earn money online is called Swagbucks. We use to have a page about this website before, but we had to take it down because they removed the ultimate game card which payed for fantage. But now, I have found that they give Paypal gift cards which can pay for fantage.

So what you need to do is sign up for Swagbucks (if you click the word, it will take you there). This website offers many ways to earn points, and with these points you can earn gift cards. However, the Paypal one does cost a lot of points, it can be very easily earned. To earn points you can enter in team challenges, do the daily poll, do noso, surveys, and watch videos.

You can also earn gift cards to other stores as well, but I've only used the Paypal and amazon ones. The other store gift cards have to be used online. For the Paypal gift card, you also need to have a Paypal account, so be sure to make that.

There is also a website to earn some extra SB through Swag Codes which they usually let out every 2-4 hours. This website just tells you the swagcode, so you don't have to find it. (http://sc-s.com)

So what are you waiting for? Go earn those points! Swagbucks (click it)


1. The first thing to do is go online to your swag bucks account, and go on the home page. Then scroll down to the daily to do list. This is a list that contains 2 tasks that are really simple and that swag bucks encourages you do everyday. Lets start by clicking the daily poll

2. After clicking the daily poll, all you do is basically vote on the daily poll. You get 1SB for doing that, pretty simple right? You can do this one time every single day, it doesn't seem like much but its just an easy way to earn points
3. Lets return to the homepage, and go back down to the to do list to NOSO. Make sure you have AD Block turned off for this one, because it doesn't show up if you have it on. So I don't really understand NOSO, because its a really easy task if you do it right. Basically you will see all these offers from a few sponsors which swag bucks wants you to see. Just click the skip to next offer every time, and you will be rewarded with 2 swag bucks after

4. Well that wasn't alot of work, so you shouldn't be tired. You just earned 3SB! Good job! Now there are lots of other ways to earn swagbucks, but I find the easiest is watching videos. Well not really watching. I just go over to the video page, and I put on a playlist that gives a certain amount of swagbucks, and play it, and then turn off the volume for that window. Its really simple, and every 5 minutes you just have to check on it! So while your on fantage ring pops, you can also be earning SB!

5. Well there you go! Easy ways to earn swagbucks. There are more ways like entering team challenges, searching up random words, and doing surveys and tasks. If you have any questions or comments, or any ways you earn swagbucks, leave it in the comments below or email us at fantageringpops@yahoo.com


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