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How to earn free ecoins, gold and membership!! (updated!)

Hello! As many individuals have asked, here is an UPDATED version of how to earn free ecoins, gold and membership! So if you have ever w...



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How to get a lot of Stars!

                                            This is how to get a lot stars!

Make sure its sticker selling day at Lucky Bob's!

Step 1: Go to Fantage School Inside to the private classrooms!

Step 2: Create a private classroom so only you will be in there for about 3 seconds!

Step 3: You just got 10 free stickers!

Step 4 : Do Step 2,3 again 4 more times!

Step 5: Go to Lucky Bob's and sell the 50 stickers you got! Remember to click all! You can spin the wheel or get 300 stars, you can keep doing this same thing over and over every Tuesday and Friday!

Hoped this help!


  1. That's old it doesn't work for me anymore

  2. I Found Another Way You Get The Members Mounthly Gift And Sell It Over And Over And OVER!!! (Still Works 2013)

  3. I'll try it tomorrow. btw on chat i'm arianna1177 :3


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