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Friday, 5 July 2013

Haters are back?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Haii guys! Well I see some haters are back on the blog now. So if you see ANYONE breaking the rules, take a picture of it, their xat numbers, and please try to make sure they are registered xat people to make sure it is easier! Then send in the pictures to me (Amy) at hangingtree101@yahoo.com
                       Amy Out
                         P.s. Who made Mandy a member? She was owner before and after any resets...Hmmm anyone got anything to say?


  1. I made Mandy member because I didn't know she still came on

    1. Dude! She comes on still .-. And Ninja, umm not in the mood so when i read this, i got even more angry

    2. Just saying its not my fault that you're (or were) pissed off you asked who made her member, and I told you it was me. If it bothers you just change the sign, it's called problem solving

  2. I do go on but usual too early or late and then I saw people go on one time so now u see me going online . Amy is right I still go on .I'm not mad though I was curious . okie... •MANDY


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