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Sunday, 1 December 2013


Hey guys! So, I've had some people talk to me saying that the xat chat has a virus. So, for those who keep asking me about it, I can assure you, there never has been a virus on the chat. It's just xat updating. Or rather, xat has this weird glitch that can make you be at the same chat but the people online aren't on the one you are on. It has created another world. Don't freak out about that. But I noticed that each time I get on the chat, I always see the same conversation as I did the last day. Never the last people who were on conversation. So don't freak out about the chat having a virus. The chat doesn't c:

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  1. Im pretty sure that all it is is the chat resetting (but not the ranks) It happens on other chats, so it's nothing to be TOO concerned over.


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