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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bye Bye, Amy?

Hey guys :"c Today there are a lot of things going on. So here they are in order:
1: There was a Blitz today in school. (Blitz is that the teachers close the door and so if you are late you go to the cafeteria) I got caught in it. If we get caught we get a demerit slip (A slip that you HAVE to show to your parents if you did anything bad). I GOT CAUGHT IN IT! I Wouldn't have been late but then I was helping my friend with her locker. It was jammed. So we got caught! I got away with it though. Before I had Chorus. the teacher lets us out LATE! So she saw the kids from the Blitz going to the cafeteria and saw they were mostly chorus kids! She took the blame for us. But it was only a WARNING...

2: My report card! I got my first C! My family is STRICT about my grades. 1 B and the rest A's. GROUNDED NEXT TIME IT HAPPENS! But it's not my fault I got a C! The person who I sit next to in that class is the TALKATIVE kid.I can't focus! I can't tell the teacher because BLAHHHH she wont listen. -.-

What does this have to do about leaving? Well If my grandma sees my report card, NO MORE COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means NO MORE OF MEEEEE!!!!

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