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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I'm Back!

Hey its Amy! Well guess wut? I"m Back!!  My uncle gave me a tablet so I will be on mobile so when I am on mobile my name will be amyrocks10101. The MAIN REASON I wanted a tablet is so I can get to read more books than rather waiting for one to come out and good timing before I make my room to a library! :) I will be on ASAP and I will now write my post on my Tablet.



  1. welcome back Z i missed you! i wish i could be on, im posting this from my phone which cant see the chat but only the blog. everyone be super nice to amy she is super awesome and important to the blog.

    1. Just go on m.xat.com and log in there. On maii tablet I can get on by regular and mobile. Anyway, missed ya and everyone eles! I posted this on maii tablet...


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